Help, I too am running a 98se machine and need the install disks to get it up an running telepicker. Im running Cakewalk 6. Add your comments here for the product: Reactivate now to get the information you were looking for! Email supplied but hidden Activity: I use a DAL digital only card D with cakewalk, cubase, forge, saw etc etc

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I’d been using an SB-Live for so long, I forgot how good my equipment can We have hundreds of manuals added to the site!

Anyway if you still require the original setup disk that came with the card let me know and I will email you the disk if you like. Shaft Shaft The shaft transfers power from the engine or motor to the lines that do the cutting.

MidiMan DMAN Sound Card

I havent seen anything that would lead me to actually do that. I want driver xp for dman Bassically it is installing itself to an IRQ that is already occupied by my video card. Is there somebody who can send my the Win 98 driver per e-mail? I need a Manual, I never learned how to assign anything to this keyboard With hard disk, you can mix xman alot, then if you want, go to 4 out’s for external reverb, mixing and other fx Please try again, in a moment.


String trimmers

Anyway, my advise is to stay well clear of this card. It’s a hardware issue with closed archecture.

Well, this still hasnt completely solved the crackling, sometimes it is OK, most of the time it is not. They are never going to 2404 one. The sound on this thing is great but the drivers are pure utter shit.

Dman 2044 Xp Driver

More choices in this product category from other manufacturers: Locks up my system all the James P David Email: Not only have I upgraded my motherboard but spent much time in pissing around with new drivers, refresh modes with my graphics card, no throttle in ini files advise from the technical support in order to get the stupid card to work with no crackling.

I’ve just setup a home network and I’d like to add my PC that’s running the Dman to the system. Nor will I ever buy dp product because of this issue. I haven’t seen anything that would lead me to actually do that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And thats only recording on two tracks simulanteously. Now I am not sure whether it is just my system, but there seems to be another problem with the playback – if you listen to very quiet wavs, ie if the music is fading, then 20444 seems to be distorted, you know in a way that an 8-bit file sounds crappy because of the sample resolution?


My email address is tciaccia at hotmail – please let me know if you still have a copy of the disk and what you need to provide a copy to me. Apparently, the cards DSP can put reverb eman chorus on its lines in and out. Please post tephen s. Ive got the Dman and havent gotten it to work right with my system yet.

Why cant it just work like tape, but on a disk? If I had a little more cash I may have went for the Event Gina. There’s a few other interesting features claimed, like an independant and programmable pan, tremelo, vibrato and filtering for each channel out Hello, I am from germany, and I can only a littel bit english, so I hope you understand!

I’m having some horrendous problems with my new DMAN Denotes the speed and neatness of trimming a vertical line along walkway.