Requirements Here are the things you will need to follow this tutorial. Find all posts by DefiningTheDecade. And now that that’s out of the way If you get past the title screen, then it works. January 17th, Replace each of the track pointers with the pointers you wrote down earlier.

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Tomato said that this tool works, but only for the Mother szppy portion, and not Mother 1. Each track starts with a BC byte, which marks the start of the track. January 20th, Edited July 3rd, by LukeeGD. I gbba got it to build myself! Click at the starting byte of that offset. You will be prompted to enter the address for a new “voice table”.

Or will that still be handled externally? I’ve retried several times with different songs but it still won’t work.

Back to top All rights reserved by Starmen. And to repoint it, we have to find it. May 9th, 7: Ignore Posts by Chaos Rush. It is a list of pointers to all songs and nearly all sounds in the ROM.


Play your song and wherever it says square1 or square2 you need to change its pointer. Shame for me, because that track contains the melody. June 2nd, 8: It’s really nice to see some Sappy alternatives. And that concludes this tutorial. Originally Posted by Wasperine.


Disclaimer To be perfectly honest, I’m still learning as I go. Find threads started by clonex Hello, I’m gogojjtech and I’m here to make this tut on behalf of the community. Because if so, you could create the SF2 files using Polyphone.

Find all posts by shinygoldash. Ignore Posts by bwburke And here are the sample parameters: You can edit each event.

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In this tut, I might say A. The B2 acts like a musical “goto” statement, and the pointer after it is supposed to point back to the start of the track. Unfortunately, our B2 bytes don’t have valid pointers after them; they’re followed by 00 00 00 If you’re not making the table longer, then there’s no reason to repoint it!


Repeat the process for each track in the song, until there are no more BC bytes. Sorry that I have to repeat myself. We can switch between the two configuration files depending on what ROM we are opening in Sappy. Release – Release determines the time it takes for the note to fall from the sustain tba to zero silence level when it is released.

I don’t know if that’s true.