It can operate well normal cable lan, wireless lan, but it does nothing more with the mobile phone modem. Can someone please make this file available or post its content here? My un is working now HP p. I’m very new to Linux. BTW, thanks for the loader–it makes life a bit easier.

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Moral of the story and I feel sorry for saying this, you are better off using windows if you need a 3G connection: The hint above to load hp-wmi was the key it seems. Someone willing to watch Windows Broadbajd traces for a while ie, not me could probably figure it out without too much trouble. In addition, the novelty has a webcam p, battery with a resource of battery life of up to 6 h 20 min.

If I boot into Windows, activate the modem there, then reboot into Linux, everything is fine and the brpadband connection” shows up in the network manager menu.

I’ll change it back. I had to do a mknod to create it in bit. Let me warn you again, you will lose wireless and sound since the modules are included in the other kernel’s provided by HP but I’m sure I can get them working if I get the source but I haven’t gotten to it yet.


HP un EV-DO-HSDPA Mobile Broadband Module (WDAA) | HP® Middle East

I then did a hard shutdown and then powered up again and the connection became available in network manager.

From that point forward the card has not been detected what so ever. Due to this, the thickness of the laptop is reduced to Contact your cellular provider to find out more about their WWAN plans and monthly rates.

It is unlawful to distribute copyrighted firmware. Well, brladband posting might be confusing. Unfortunately it still does not work on mine.

I tried a connection and it didn’t go through like before and then became disabled. Telia Mobilsurf Alltid Problems I had: I have the 3G network configured to automatically reconnect, which is does as the modem appears. I have an hpb laptop.

It loads most of the time. The first thing I did when I got my netbook was to replace Windows with Linux, not thinking I’d need it anymore. Thanks to topperharley for the directions.

Hp un2400 Mobile Broadband Module Ethernet Adaptor

By the way, the driver for Gobi apparently originates from Qualcomm itself read the comments at the beginning of qcserial. Do I have to write a script to load it with “startup programs”? I am not dual booting, there is no other OS on this machine. I have the hpb, with the built-in hp un Qualcomm Gobi card. Choose your current cellular provider from the list of providers. Haven’t tried without battery.


Therefore my Modulee module has always been turned off until now. It appears though that other people are having issues with this also. Any idea what could be missing? Qualcomm USB modem converter detected Mar 20 I tried mine every which way – the only way I could get it to click in was to have the cutout on the leading edge and the contact pad facing the bottom of the netbook.

The hp-wmi module should be able to power the device up. I’ve read that if you use the Etbernet connection software as opposed to the HP connection manager you only need the WWAN driver loaded. The linked script http: Did anyone else see this behavior and solve it?