Mahendra Gunawardena 1 3 First I tried to connect the second monitor using VGA cable, monitor, to my surprise is automatically recognized including an optimal resolution of x , however, the screen had unpleasant light flickering. The weird thing is I managed to enable Compiz last night and everything was fine. The extreme tux racer only manages around 20 fps but still feels smooth to play. This will be listed as something like ” x at 60Hz”.

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Oddly enough, running glxgears reports a better frame rate under 2. StijnVanCampenhout stijn-vancampenhout said on It’s about as bad as ubunntu was in Jaunty. If you found that, write it down like: Go look for it now.

Bug # “[i] low intel graphics performance – again” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Can someone help me out and explain rgaphics point me in the right direction on how to check video drivers and see if my video card running okay? My unity is very fast, I do not have any speed problems, no crashes and really no noticeable problems. Community contributions range from driver development and refinement to widespread project involvement, with a particular focus on advancing standards for Open Source graphics.


Some comments suggest the issue was a kernel regression fixed in newer kernels.

Downloads for Graphics Drivers for Mobile Intel® 945GM Express Chipset Family

Jaunty Intel Graphics Performance Guide is probably what pfxcore is referring to. My problem was solved by following the above instructions given by Giblet5 from Ubuntu Forums.

It seems Intel has totally forgotten about “older” chipset. It will be printed on a plate or tag, glued, screwed, or riveted to the back, top, bottom, or side of your monitor.

Grapgics After applying your fix, must my APT sources list only point to This worked for me on Ubuntu I don’t remember having much luck when I was trying to follow the suggestions; perhaps you might do better Now you need to download the installer deb package for your architecture or bits from here. Similar increase can be noted in the most other 3d applications that I have. I reverted to 2. But again it solved my problem.


ubuntu 11.04 dual monitor does not work

One more vote for this. I had to return to Jaunty.

Doesn’t resolve the problem. Will attempt to refine the problem.

It was not perfect but more smooth before. Confirmed on this as well: None, the status of the bug is updated manually.

How do I install the Intel Graphics driver in my system? – Ask Ubuntu

This will output the following Code: Where did you take this Details window? Forceflow baertman wrote on Sorry for typo in your name, Hewbert! Virtually every monitor vendor will publish the specifications for their products on the web. I’m still able to get to the command prompt via integrxted recovery mode.

Jakuje 5, 7 18 Overview of the problem: Bartek Celary karaphka wrote on I have the GM45 chipset.