System manufacturer System Product Name Workgroup: So, I’m a bit puzzled about it. To me this all sounds like a driver issue, but I’ve dilligently followed the instructions for installation and I’m having no luck. Unzip and double-click installer, enter OSX Administrator password, choose PCI install option, follow on-screen instructions, and restart. I don’t know what error 15 is! SONAR will build a default one at startup.

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A lower buffer would allow for low latency monitoring through an effect or virtual instrument plug in.

Since you haven’t had a BSOD since July though, it’s likely your machine is fairly stable but ya never know what I’ll be able to see wrong by looking, still. Select a sample rate.

– Cubase VST and MOTU PCI Audio interfaces

Download Navigation Tech Support. Would you think I might uninstall Sonar and re-install it and see what happens? Choose your File Bit Depth – 16 or 24 bit.

None the less, there must have been a conflict! Add an audio track. I’ve used this before without issue. It is the correct one for you to install. Family Guy composer Walter Murphy shares his process. You might start by renaming AUD. Use this install if you are using one of the supported interfaces below, and are running OSX I’ll analyze the crashes and why they’ve happened, and this in turn will stabilize and perhaps perfect your system.


Windows Wave RT support is now shipping

Enable the inputs and outputs you wish to use from Sonar. I would assume something is going on with Sonar as everything else seems to work without issue. Set the clock source to Internal if there are no digital devices connected to your interface’s digpital inputs.

Use this installer if you are using Mac OS X Seems PT didn’t like to have 2 cards in the same PC chained together. Refer to update notes. The most recent was in July of Enable all 8 inputs.

Open the PCI Console. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. After restarting, go back to the Audio menu.

Under what circumstances do you get this error, and what happens next? Apparently, this MOTU system worked prior to switching to Windows 7, but every place tells me it should work now. These instructions apply to Sonar, as well as other current generation Cakewalk software applications. Check the device manager for the type if you aren’t sure which it is: When the profiler is complete, Sonar will resume opening.


Upload the zip or rar to Rapidshare or any other online host and paste a link here to it. I don’t know what else to do. I currently have a working copy of Pro Tools 9. Enable the inputs you wish to use and assign the output sources you also wish to use to “From Computer. Set the clock source to Internal if there are no digital devices connected to your interface’s digital inputs. View More Photo Galleries.

For additional connections with digital devices you can refer to your manual as well as the Auto Setup Wizard for further instructions.